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The Rocky Mountaineer, day 1.

Today was an early start, a very early start for us as anything before 9am is hard work! But we didn’t need to worry about breakfast as we were told it would be served on the train! Result!

Rocky Mountaineer
Rocky Mountaineer Breakfast

Anyway, I’m not going to show pictures of all the amazing food that we were served on the journey because we were also there for all of the amazing scenery! Today we travelled around 309 miles from Banff to Kamloops through the Rockies.

The Rockies
Wapta Lake
Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey
Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey

There was just so much to see, lakes, rivers, mountains, all we were missing was some wildlife!!

Shuswap Lake
The team!

Forest fires were still burning away in various places, I think it’s been a record year for the amount of Canadian wild fires this season.

Canadian Wildfires
Canadian Wildfires

After 13 fantastic hours we arrived in Kamloops to a beautiful sunset!! And a bus ready to take us to our hotel for the night.

Rocky Mountaineer Sunset

The Rocky Mountaineer, day 2.

Off we go again, another early start. Destination Vancouver, which is around 285 miles and 11ish hours down the line! Yesterday we were right at the front of a short train; today the train has expanded and now we are right at the back of a very long train!

Rocky Mountaineer alongside The Thompson River

Tis a very big train now, it kinda reminds me of ‘Snowpiercer’ but without the snow and you can stand outside without freezing to death!

The scenery has dramatically changed today, the monster sized mountains had given way to a more rustic, barren looking terrain. It reminds me of cowboy country from the old spaghetti western films! But then a lot of today’s scenery was home to the great ‘Fraser River Goldrush’ back in the 1850’s, and, you’ve guessed it, we were following the Fraser River!

Views from the Rocky Mountaineer
Views from the Rocky Mountaineer

As I said, the scenery today is vastly different, beautiful EH!? Again, wildfires were present in various places, as were some pretty impressive bridges crossing the Fraser River!

CNR Cisco Bridge Fraser River
CNR Cisco Bridge Fraser River

As the day drew on, and we got ever closer to Vancouver the smokey air cleared and the baron lands became luscious green areas again!

Fraser River
Hells Gate
Rocky Mountaineer Views

The only thing we hadn't really seen yet is any wildlife! It must be here somewhere, after all this was Canada!

Eventually we reached Vancouver, and this meant that sadly this epic journey was over!


At this point I have to say that the service on the Rocky Mountaineer was second to none, the food was impeccable, our team of hosts for the journey, Pati, Barry and Nook, were amazing. Everything ran just like a well-oiled machine from when you are collected until it’s all over!

Honestly you couldn’t ask for more. We were collected from our hotel on time, our luggage was transported to our hotel in Kamloops and placed in our room. We left this where we found it, then it was collected and transported onto Vancouver. All the coach transfers were really good, hotel to train, train to hotel on both days.

Rocky Mountaineer Hosts
First Passage To The West Completed!

This brings our journey on the Rocky Mountaineer to the end.

When we booked, we chose the ‘Silver Leaf Package’ We were offered the ‘Gold Leaf’ which was £500.00 pp more. To be honest you will see the same scenery from both the silver and Gold Leaf. You will have more space on the Gold and as these coaches are double decked you have a separate dining area on the lower level. On the Silver all your meals are bought to you, so in theory you are staying in your seat and constantly looking out of the windows, not moving up and down stairs. Both have outdoor areas, Gold is bigger with shiny handrails, Silver is opened windows. We personally thought the Silver is a much better option, but then I guess its all down to your budget and personal preference!    

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