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Let’s look at the facts, figures and the boring stuff!!

At the beginning I had estimated we would drive around 1200 miles, so in total we had driven, 2284km which is about 1427miles with days out etc, so I was close! This RV used 536 litres of petrol, or 118 gallons, which means the RV did 12.1mpg! I will let you do the math on the fuel costs!


We stayed at 10 different campsites - they were all unique in their own way, many good for hiking, some close to towns, some not so good, some very basic. I guess it all depends on what your needs are! Prices were around $40-60.00 per night.


GPS and WIFI. We hired this directly from Fraserway, and paid around $200.00 just for the equipment. This was more than I expected due to a pricing error on their website! I believed the Solis Hotspot was $12.00 and not $120.00 that I was charged. The Solis WIFI packages were expensive too. If I’d known this before I would’ve purchased something from Amazon at a fraction of the price! I also used VOXI (Vodafone) on my phone which gives 4gb of data 100 texts and 100 minutes for £25.00. This data strangely lasted longer than the Solis packages! 

Two ferry crossings for oversized vehicles, around $140.00 each.

Canada Parks Pass which is valid for a year, around $150.00. This also gives you free entry to lots of attractions.

As I previously said, everything had been booked in advance, so I don’t have full cost breakdown of the Rocky Mountaineer train journey or the RV hire.


Now that we have been to BC and Alberta next time we go we will book everything ourselves as the processes are very easy.

Days out priced in Canadian $ and per person.

Banff Gondola, Sulphur Mountain, $86.00.
Cave and Basin, free with Parks Pass.
Banff Hot Springs, $20.00, including costume and towel hire.
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, $70.00.
Grouse Mountain, $79.00.
The Butchart Gardens, $35.00.
Whale watching trip, $163.00.
Historic Hat Creek Ranch, $17.00.
Jasper Planetarium, $32.00.
Maligne Lake Cruise, $85.00.
Wildlife watching trip, $84.00.
Columbian Icefield Adventure, $105.00.
Lake Louise parking, $21.00.
Banff Park Museum, free with Parks Pass.

Plus we saw a huge amount of free stuff, lakes, rivers, parks, waterfalls, mountains, and wildlife.


Driving in Canada is so easy, in the entirety of our journey we used less than 6 roundabouts, we never got stuck in what we call ‘traffic’, we were always able to drive at the speed limits, we never had to use any narrow roads, we never saw any low bridges, we only got held up by 5 minutes in one set of construction works, we saw no accidents and only one broken down vehicle.

None of this is possible in the UK!!

Canada, We will definitely be back!!

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